IT Support for Tiny Tasks

Micro Help was introduced by Salford IT Help to give our clients help at minimal cost. Micro Help is suitable in many situations where an on-site visit is not required and the task is expected to take under an hour. The minimum cost is £3, the maximum cost is £12. The price is fixed so you don't need to worry about the cost going up.

How it works

Just contact me and describe your question or problem, then how you want your answer (file, email, text or phone call). I'll tell you the minimum time require to finish your task and how soon i can provide your answer. You make a payment online and you get your answer the way you want it with minimal effort on your part.

If you want me to spend more time on your task just pay more than the minimum, but that is your choice. If you wanted me to find you a laptop within a certain budget, seaching for longer might save you more money by finding a bargain during a more indepth search.

Ten Typical 'Micro Help' Situations






1 Purchases - What type of PC should i buy?  
2 Upgrades - My PC is too slow. What can i do?  
3 Advice - What is my old PC worth?    
4 Software Tutorial - How do I do this on my PC?  
5 Broadband - What router do you recommend?    
6 Advice - Should I get a Netbook or Notebook?  
7 Document - How can I open this file?  
8 Email - How do I setup email on my new PC?  
9 Document - Change a file type (i.e. text to excel spreadsheet)  
10 Tutorial - How do i share my photos with friends and family?    



Qn. Should I contact you before paying?

Qn. Whats your experience?
City and Guilds in PC Repair and Maintenance, then built my first PC in 1997. Experience with Microsoft Windows and Office since 1994.

What's your Refund Policy?
If advice is provided no refund can be made.

How long till i get your answer?
An estimate will be given when you contact me, no work will be done until payment is received.

How will the answer be given?
Normally by email, phone or text, that's your choice.