Salford IT Help Background

As a business owner and community volunteer I am impressed everyday by the hard work and determination I see around me by the people of Salford and the North West. We all know times have been difficult for businesses for quite some time. Salford IT Help was founded in May 2009 when a desire to help the regions businesses survive and flourish, and to support the private sector re-balancing of the economy.

News - Micro Help

IT Support has never been more affordable, for businesses and members of the public. Micro Help means those time consuming, complex and frustrating IT tasks can be done quickly and form just £3 per task.

  • If you need to buy new office computers and don't know what specification you need.
  • Your child is going to University and needs a new laptop that will be fit for a Student's lifestyle.
  • How can i protect and backup my business records?
  • What driver do i need to make my old printer work on Windows 7?

Nationwide IT support and advice is just an email, call or text away.

Recent Projects

Visit the sites I have designed and see what is possible!
  1. Recreation Records
  2. Perfection on Linen
  3. Psychosynthesis Counselling
  4. A & M Building Services
  5. The Inner Light Wellbeing Centre
  6. Carer Courses
If you live or work in my community and have need of my skills, don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat.